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Building Our Future Campaign

Update on new church 5-18-2020

Update on the new church 5-12-2020


Updates on the new church 4-29-2020



As of today 1-21-2020

One year ago on 1-21-2019

Here is the web site to see the DVD for Building For Our Future:  http://churchcampaign.us/ireland/




Loving God,

We thank You for the gift of St. Mary Parish

and for those who came before us that built

 the foundation for the faith community we

 have today.  We look forward to building for

 our future according to Your will, and we pray

 that You send Your Holy Spirit to guide us as

 we embark on this new phase of our parish growth.

 Bless us with a sense of unity, a spirit of

 cooperation with generous and sacrificial

 hearts as we journey through our campaign.

 Grant that we might grow together in faith,

 hope, and love to continue the ministry of Your

 Church.  We ask this through the intercession of

 Mary, patroness of our parish.


New Church pictures as of August 1, 2018



A few pictures of the St. Mary float that was in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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